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Attention: Teachers, Coaches, Mentors, Trainers, and
Anybody Who Is Offering Their Expertise Online

You're Selling Yourself Short
with Low-Cost Products!

People Are Willing to Pay Top Dollar for Your Expert
Knowledge and Advice... SO LET THEM!

Use the Right "Package" for Your Products and Earn
Figure Paydays.. Automatically

Special Training Available Now - Just 50 Spots... and They're Going Fast

author-1From: Brian T. Edmondson
Company: Internet Income Coach

Here’s the honest truth...

To join the ranks of those making a great living selling online… you have to change your game.

You can’t be content with trying to sell a lot of low-cost information products – you know, like ebooks and short special reports – to a lot of people.

The math just doesn’t work out.

With such low prices versus your advertising costs, operating costs, and other business expenses… you barely make a profit. And the money you do make is erratic. You could have a good month… and then several bad ones.

Here’s a quick breakdown.

If you're selling a product that yields a $10 profit, you'd have to
find 1,000
NEW customers per month to make $10,000 per month.

You probably know from personal experience it’s pretty hard to find 1,000 new customers. You might be able to do it for just one month… but not month after month for an extended period.

As you can see, it’s about impossible to sustain the level of sales of low-cost products you need to make a decent income, let alone enjoy true long-term financial security.

It’s a struggle.

So stop nickel and diming yourself… do less work for more money

Instead, switch to high-ticket products where you make more money each sale. That means you need less sales to make a substantial profit – which means less work for you.

Take one Internet entrepreneur I know who follows this philosophy. The first time he created the type of product I’m going to tell you about today and mailed it to his list… he made a profit of $30,317 – and that’s just orders from one day.

He sends out this offer four times a year – that’s more than $120,000 in pure profit.

That’s the dream of every Internet entrepreneur, right? A high income that finally gives you financial and time freedom… the opportunity to travel, spend your days on fun, enjoy your family… all that stuff.

‘Yeah, you’re probably thinking… that’s the dream. But it’s easier said than done.’

Well, you actually have all you need already to create that high-ticket product easily and hassle-free. And you’re already closer than you think to making that five-figure sales day you’ve been dreaming about.

More on that in just a moment…

Thinking Big Changed My Business...AND My Life!

First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Brian T. Edmondson, and my passion is helping entrepreneurs like you achieve success online. I started out just like you, struggling to make a living online. But as I mastered the secrets of generating massive traffic to my websites… and turning that traffic into profit… things started to turn around.

I was doing pretty well.

But I have to tell you, when I stopped basing my business on selling low-cost products, it was a real turning point. I discovered a way to sell less and make more money with a type of product I’m going to tell you all about in this message.

I never looked back. And once you see what I’m about to share with you, you won’t either.

These days I’m focused on being a mentor, consultant, and coach. You have strength in you… the ability to create a profitable online business you have a passion for. And I’m going to help you draw it out.

I’ve asked my new business partner Pete Genot to join us too (that's him on the left).

Pete and I have worked together for the last 10 years on joint ventures and other projects. I wanted to bring him on board because he knows Internet marketing… and the secret of packaging your expert knowledge for big profits.

In fact, last year he had $5 million in sales from businesses he runs from his home office.

How to Stop Making "Chump" Change... and
Join the Internet High Rollers

Low-cost information products simply aren't the answer for significant, sustainable income. At least not on their own.

The key here is, "not on their own".

To be sure, you should have low-cost "entry level" products. In fact, they are an integral part of any overall business plan...

But if you REALLY want to be successful selling information products online, you need a little "E.S.P" to see the profits in your future...

Information Product E.S.P.™
How to See Profit in Your Future!

It's a good blend of these three "types" of offers that make for a huge income...

E - ENTRY level offers
P - PREMIUM offers

  • Entry level offers sell in the $10 - $50 price range and are designed to build relationships with customers so they trust you to do repeat business. They are used to promote "backend" offers "S" and "P".  As such, they are mainly customer generators more than profit-producers.
  • Subscription offers come in the form of membership sites and other "continuity" programs where customers pay you ongoing fees (ex: "monthly dues") for access to your offer. These range from $10 - $197 per MONTH. The subscription offer in turn serves to promote the "premium" offers. The subscription offer is the foundation of your business because it generates steady, monthly income for you.
  • Premium offers are your "high-ticket" offers that sell for $497+. You don't need to sell many of them in order to make a LOT of money online. Just 20 customers buying a $997 premium offer yields a quick $20,000 in real cash.

The really successful experts in the information products business have a blend of these three types of offers. In fact, they usually have MULTIPLE offers within each of these core categories.

Today we're going to talk about "premium" offers.

Trust me when I say that I speak from experience. I was coasting along making a decent amount of money with the low-cost offers business plan. But several savvy friends of mine showed me how to dramatically increase profit - literally - overnight!

By Far, The Biggest Boost In My Profit Came
When I Did This One Simple Thing...

I was already a successful internet marketer making a full-time living online by cranking out new "entry" level offers (E) and new "subscription" offers (S) when I decided to try my hand at "premium" offers (P).

The biggest adjustment that I made in my business plan was actually a tiny change: I began creating "premium" offers. Instead of 10 customers yielding $200.00 in profit for an offer of mine, those same 10 customers yielded $5,000.00 in profit for one offer.

Listen to me carefully...

If you want to put some high-octane fuel in your internet business and see significant increases in your sales, you simply must develop "premium" offers to sell for big chunks of profit per sale.

Remember... it's much easier to find 10 customers to pay you $1,000 than it is to find 1,000 customers to pay you $10.00.

That's a fact!

Anyone with any business sense at all can tell you that. You won't find any successful internet marketer who would argue against that statement.

BUILT-IN FREE TRAFFIC ALERT: One of the best automatic benefits of creating "premium" offers is this -- affiliates and partners line up to promote them! Affiliates are fickle. They go where the money is. They'd much rather promote a $997.00 offer that offers a bigger commission than a $27.00 offer. That's why you see so many insane "product launches" for big-ticket offers... everybody wants to promote them!

And it's not just me. Virtually anyone who has been hugely successful in the information products business has "premium" offers.

What about you? Want to add these big-money producers to your business?

Here's How You Can Make $497.00 - $1,997
Per Order With Your Own "Premium" Offers...

While there are a lot of different options for the kind of "premium" offers you can develop, my own personal favorite is the "eClass". Just for definition purposes, here's what an eClass is...

DEFINED: An "eClass" is a time restricted, interactive, curriculum-driven course of study on a specialized topic.

I realize that's a mouthful, so let me just explain things a bit more...

  • Time Restricted. There is a predefined time for the eClass. It begins on a specific date and ends on a specific date. Generally, an eClass is 4 - 6 weeks in length.
  • Interactive. The students who enroll in the eClass are able to communicate directly, one-on-one with the course instructor for personalized "coaching" as they complete the weekly lessons. Speaking of lessons...
  • Curriculum-Driven. There are weekly "lessons" (usually delivered as downloadable PDF files and/or audio MP3 / video files) that contain curriculum which explains all relevant concepts and application for the topic which is the focus of the study.

Our eClasses work like this...

  1.  Every Monday during the 4 - 6 week duration of the class, all students are sent a copy of that week's lesson. This is usually a PDF, audio, or video (or a combination). Students are asked to complete "assignments" which I grade.
  2. Students are allowed to contact us DAILY with questions about applying the lessons to their specific situations and for assistance with completing the assignments. This is done through a dedicated email account where Pete and I interact with you one-on-one.
  3. At the completion of the 4-week eClass the student will have accomplished a specific goal of the eClass (i.e. Created a business plan, setup a website, created an information product, organized a blog).

The real difference between THIS kind of information product and others (i.e. An ebook) is the "personal coaching" element.

The curriculum, in most cases, is simply a set of reports each 25 - 30 pages in length, delivered one per week. Of course, there are some other "elements" to the eClasses that make them desirable too.

But, the main thing is the PERSONAL COACHING. People love to be able to consult someone in authority. They love to be able to ask questions. They love to get advice that isn't for the "herd", but is specific for their unique situation. That's the driving force behind the success of eClasses.

And they are successful! Here are the results from one of my colleagues from his very first eClass... (this is the guy I was telling you about earlier)...

Do you realize the magnitude of this?!

That's $30,317.00 in PROFIT from orders from ONE day!

He offered this one eClass above four times per year and made over $100,000 in PROFIT from it alone.

But enough about him. Let's talk about you!

Let's get one of these eClasses setup for YOU and YOUR business to see significant chunks of income pouring in.

What I'm about to say to you is monumental.

The problem has been this: Up until now there's really been no information available to show people like you how to setup one of these high-ticket, high-profit eClasses for themselves.

That's changing...

Introducing the
4-Week eClass Coaching Cash Program

How To Create Your Own High-Ticket eCoaching Class

Here's how it works...

  •  Brief, Easy-To-Understand Training Materials. Each week we'll send you out a download link (via email) for that week's PDF training materials (more on that in just a moment). These weekly training materials will be CONCISE, but thorough... ranging from 20 - 30 pages. We're trying to REMOVE "information overload", not add to it. Each lesson covers exactly what you need to do in order to create your own high-ticket eClass by the end of the sessions.
  • Real Action-Oriented Assignments To Complete. At the conclusion of each lesson will be a homework assignment to complete before the next lesson arrives the following week. You will be REQUIRED to complete and turn in the assignment to Pete and I. If the assignment needs "grading", then either Pete or I will personally email you back with suggestions. It doesn't do you any good to have "information" if you don't know how to apply it to your specific situation. You WILL see personal results from the e-coaching.
  • Personalized Q&A With Us Anytime You Want During The 4-Weeks. You will have the opportunity to interact with during our four weeks together. While Pete and I can't constantly be in consultation with all 50 participants, we will answer any question you have regarding a lesson and its application to your specific business. (Please no more than one question per day - no weekends.) We don't anticipate there being many questions due to the presentation of the content (It will be incredibly easy to apply), but we certainly will be available during our entire time together to answer any questions about the e-coaching materials. You will have direct access to us via a private email address where we will communicate. (More on that in a moment)

This is going to be a life-changing opportunity for the next 50 people who get the limited spots in the e-Coaching program. Taking the step from "$20 ebooks" to $497 eClasses" dramatically boosts the profit with the exact same amount of customers.


When you have completed the sessions of this e-coaching program you will have your own 100% original, high-ticket eClass ready to launch. That means, it will be "live" ready to accept new student enrollments at a minimum price of $497.00 per student!

Here's Exactly What You'll Discover Over The Next
4 Weeks During Our Weekly Sessions Together...

Here's a breakdown of the 4 weekly lessons in the e-coaching...

Week #1: CONCEPT. In our first lesson, we'll develop the overall concept for your first eClass, including: choosing a market and niche within the market, picking a topic, creating a title, deciding the lessons to be created, determining "accessories" to enhance the offer. We will personally help you make these decisions, give you "inside" ideas on hot topics, and offer specific suggestions on how to craft the perfect eClass for your specific situation.

Week #2: CONTENT. In our second lesson, we'll actually being developing the eClass content... the weekly lessons themselves. We'll give you detailed, step-by-step ideas for creating the lessons yourself, interviewing someone for the content and/or hiring a qualified ghostwriter. (We'll even tell you our top secret "go to" ghostwriters we use for various projects). Again, we'll give you personal feedback on what topics to choose for the lessons, specific ideas to include in the lessons and generally provide any of the "creative" ideas you need.

Week #3: CONVERT. In our third lesson, we'll get your sales funnel setup and ready to take orders. The main focus will be writing the "right" kind of salesletter to convert visitors into paying students. Don't let this overwhelm you. Not only will we provide you with detailed, step-by-step instructions... We'll also provide you with a ready-made template that you can use and adjust to make the salesletter fit your specific eClass. HINT: Your salesletter for your eClass will look very much like the very salesletter you're reading right now! We'll get your sales funnel setup this week with everything for a "go" next week.

Week #4: CONTACT. In our fourth lesson, we'll discuss how to promote your new eClass to the appropriate contacts. That's right, by the end of the fourth week you can actually have students enrolling in your eClass! We'll cover everything you need to get students for your initial eClass. From article marketing to blogging to social networking to joint venture partners and even more... We'll show you exactly HOW to get the word out about your newly created eClass.

As you can see, we've got this special e-coaching program all setup to get you results by the time we're finished. And with our personal attention (literally, one-on-one interaction between you, Pete, and I) this entire course will be custom-tailored for your specific needs.

We're going to cover it all...

  • Exactly how to conduct your own eClass... step-by-step.
  • What "market" or "product" is right for you (including my own "hot list").
  • Specific ideas on what topic has eager red-hot customers waiting to buy.
  • Title templates you can simply "plug and play" for grabbing attention.
  • Outlining and organizing tips for making lesson creation super easy.
  • My own "shortcuts" to running an eClass that I've never shared before.
  • The technicalities of setting up an eClass made simple.
  • Cheap vendors you can outsource to for anything you don't want to do yourself.
  • How to automate a lot of the "coaching" part of your eClass.
  • Templates and other tools that I personally use in my eClasses.
  • How to plan and create your lessons so no one ever asks for a refund.
  • How to price your eClass for maximum orders and profit.
  • Boosting the perceived value of your eClass so people want it even more.
  • Simple "accessories" that are easy to create but add big-time value to your offer.
  • Ways to get visitors to your site to get off the fence and join your eClass now.
  • Using a special, dedicated "eClass only" email address to handle interaction with  your students.
  • Getting people to join your eClass -- even selling it out every time you offer it.
  • Finding partners and learning how to get them to say "yes" to promoting your offer.
  • How-to tutorials in every lesson (not just WHAT to do, but HOW to do it!)

We'll cover everything you need to know (and nothing you don't need to know... no unnecessary filler!) in order to get your first eClass launched immediately after our sessions are completed.

Perhaps The Real Beauty Of Your Own eClass
Are These Staggering Revelations...

There are at least five incredible benefits that make creating your own eClass something that should immediately soar to the top of your "to do" list..

  • 1.

    Sell The eClass Over And Over Again!

    Once you have your eClass ready to sell, you can sell it an unlimited amount of times. Since you'll likely limit your enrollment to 20 - 50 students at a time (due to the personal coaching aspect), you will always have new people available to join the NEXT time you offer the eClass. The salesletter, curriculum, accessories, organization, emails... everything about the eClass will be completed ONE time. But, you can continue to offer the same eClass over and over and over again to a new group of students for a burst in profit 4, 6, 9, or even 12 times per year!

  • 2.

    Use This Training Over and Over Again!

    Think about it... who says you have to create only ONE eClass? No one does! The training that you'll get from our 4-weeks together can be used to create an unlimited number of your own eClasses. Create a new eClass once per year. Or once per quarter. Or even once per month if you like. You can follow the curriculum you'll receive during our four weeks together anytime you want to create a new eClass. And since you'll have already setup your first one, it'll get easier and easier because of your experience with me during our personal one-on-one time together.

  • 3.

    Take Your Income Up To The Next Level.

    If you're tired of always trying to find gobs of new customers for that $20 eBook you're selling, then it's time to get to the premium offers. I've already mentioned it several times, but it's worth repeating it more than one time: It's easier to find a few people to spend a lot of money than it is to find a lot of people to spend a little money. You simply need less customers to get significant levels cash flowing into your bank account. You're going to spend the same amount of time promoting, the same amount of effort in converting and the same amount of work in producing content... why not get paid 10 - 50X more money while you're doing it?

  • 4.

    If You Offer It, They Will Buy.

    My friends and family always give me a hard time when I want to stay at a 5-star hotel when I travel instead of the economy motel. Or when I opt to fly first class rather than economy. Or when I get the highest end version of the latest iPhone. Why do I do these things? Because they are the premium offers. And I want what is presumably the best. Listen, people WILL buy high-ticket offers like these eClasses if you offer them. Some will buy because they are extremely interested. Others will buy because, like me, they want the best experience. And eClasses just have a much higher perceived value. I guarantee you are leaving money on the table right now if you aren't offering an eClass to your customers.

  • 5.

    Access to a personal mentor is huge.

    If you were a golfer and could pay a reasonable amount to get Tiger Woods to coach you for four weeks, would you? If Tiger wasn't available, would you pay for a local golf club pro? Anyone who's ever taken a golf, tennis or swimming lesson knows it. Anyone who's ever experienced any kind of personalized coaching, mentoring, training, instructing or otherwise knows it. Access to someone who will answer your questions and give you feedback and talk about your specific situation is HUGE. I can read all day about how to hit a great backhand, but sometimes that's hard for me to apply to MY specific backhand. But when Serena Williams, tennis pro says, "Brian, I've been watching your swing and here's how you can do better", that's a different thing. People will pay for an eClass simply because they get YOU to be there to answer their questions.

As you can well see, there is much to be said for you getting your first eClass up and running soon. You're simply throwing away money without it!

Hold On - Make Sure You Are Qualified Before
You Attempt To Enroll (Seriously!)...

  • Are You A Beginner? The e-coaching isn't really designed for beginners unless you meet two simple criteria: First, you must be able to comfortably and accurately answer questions from students who enroll in your eClass. So, you need to know your subject matter well or this probably isn't for you. Second, if you don't know how to upload files and do basic website stuff, you should be prepared to spend $50 to $100 to have someone do it for you or invest in tools that make the tech stuff easy. I CAN recommend vendors and tools for you to use.
  • Are You Experienced? If you've already written a special report or created an ebook or have authored some other kind of product (book, teleseminar, physical product, membership site, etc.) then this is ideal for you. We'll show you how to either (a) repackage your existing content and develop it into an eClass or (b) create new content to offer as an eClass. By the end of our time together you should have your eClass setup and taking orders.
  • Are You a Pro? If so, then our time together is going to be especially beneficial because you're obviously doing well... but not as well as you could be if you're considering this e-Coaching. What it means if you join is that you're successful but don't have an eClass in place. Obviously, this will change all of that and you should see an immediate spike in your profit as a result.

Having Said That, This Shouldn't Come
As A Surprise To You At This Point...

You'll be disappointed if you're expecting us to give this away for the price of a cheap ebook. That's not going to happen. I charge $500 for one hour of telephone consultation and $5,000.00 for full-day in person consults - my business partner Pete is the same. With this program you're getting access to Pete and I for four weeks!

We practice what we preach. There's a reason why we're teaching you an eClass on creating your own eClasses... We know what we're talking about. And we know what it's worth.

But, we do need to name a price to you here now. So, let's see if we can come to a fair price and equitable price for all involved. So here's the price...

One Sale

Seriously, that's what this training program is going to cost you. One sale.

While we could easily get $997, $1497, or even $1997+ for this e-coaching (That's not a number I just made up, it's based on sales of the past and what other people are charging for their information products - some that don't even include coaching!), Pete and I have talked about it, and we know that would exclude many people on my list from ever participating.

So we're going to knock $1,000 off the "fair market value" of this e-coaching and charge only $497. That's not the first of three installments, it's a one-time payment.

And that amounts to...

Just One Single Sale!

At the end of our time together when you launch your own high-ticket eClass and sell it for $497 (minimum), all you need is ONE SALE in order to make your entire investment in our e-Coaching back 100%.

Do you get that?

Do you realize how significant this is?

What this is going to cost you will be made back by you with the very first sale you make for the very first eClass you put together.

It - quite literally - pays for itself. And every other student for that eClass and every student for all future eClasses you create are simply cold hard profit from this training.

There should be a smile on your face right now. I know it's a steal. And so do you.

But hold on...

Only 50 Lucky People Will Be Accepted

Pardon my horrible grammar, but this ain't no cheap eBook. It's personal access. Not everyone gets in. You can't just grab a copy anytime you want. It's exclusive.

Due to the personal nature of the e-coaching, we can only accept 50 people. That's it. We simply don't have time to interact with more students than that.

If you're NOT one of the first 50 to join, then you'll simply miss out.

But, we're not going to let that happen, are we?

But, wait!

What about a guarantee? Here's my guarantee: I'll provide you with everything you need, and if you follow my instructions, you WON'T ask for a refund.

Seriously, that's it.

Listen, this isn't an eBook. (All of my ebooks come with a strict 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee). It's personalized training. I can't realistically offer a money-back guarantee. We're investing our own time, and we can never get that back. You're taking the place of someone else who could be in the e-coaching who's getting turned away.

This is much different than an eBook.

However, I'll make a deal with you...

Our 100% Iron-Clad Risk Free Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied for whatever reason, let us know before the 3rd week of the e-coaching begins and we’ll issue you an immediate, no hassle refund. That’s right, if after you’ve completed half the lessons, you’re not completely happy with the e-coaching, then email us (and we do answer all our emails), and we’ll happily give you your money back — no questions asked.

With that powerful iron-clad guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The eClass Coaching Cash™ 4-Week Coaching
Begins On Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Enroll by clicking on the Add To Cart button below. Upon completing your order, you'll receive a confirmation email and details on when you'll receive your first lesson.

The eClass Coaching Cash Program begins on Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

  • Lesson #1: Tuesday, March 14
  • Lesson #2: Tuesday, March 21
  • Lesson #3: Tuesday, March 28
  • Lesson #4: Tuesday, April 4

Speaking for myself and my business partner Pete Genot, we're looking forward to working with you one-on-one. Join now below and let's get your own eClass setup in just a short time from now.


Brian T. Edmondson

P.S. – Don't forget when you enroll for the eClass Coaching Cash program you're going to get:

  •  A complete set of step-by-step instructions for creating your own "big-ticket" eClasses!
  • Personal access to me and my fellow online expert Pete Genot (Yes, we're personally available to help you) during the next 4 weeks as we create your own unique eClass that is exclusively YOURS to sell!
  • Detailed assignments to put together this eClass so you'll be able to launch it immediately after our coaching program is completed!
  • And much, much more...

Please Hurry! Enrollment Is Closing Soon...

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