5 Steps to a High Converting Squeeze Page

High Converting Squeeze Page

In this article you’ll discover five steps to a high converting squeeze page, but first a quick story…

Walking up to Bailey’s house is a wonderful experience. Her lawn is mown perfectly and her gardening always has the perfect mix of seasonal flowers and beautiful pathways. They invite you in without saying a word.

You feel welcome before you even step through the door. And it’s wonderful.

Now, I personally don’t really have the time or inclination to make that happen for myself and my house in “the real world”, but I do it quite often in the “virtual world” for business.

I create a welcoming environment for my prospects to engage with me for the first time. That way they can warm up to my message before they start buying from me.

To do this I use what is called a Landing Page or a Squeeze Page.

Here’s an example of one of my squeeze pages:

squeeze page example

Generally speaking, you’ll be giving away a small report or piece of proprietary information in exchange for someone’s email address.

NOTE: I go in depth on how to research and create this giveaway for your squeeze page here:

Email List Building – The Opening Act of Online Business

The above example is what is known as a two-step squeeze page. You click the button and THEN enter your email address.

There are a whole bunch of other types and styles of squeeze pages (including webinar opt-ins and one step squeeze pages) out there as well. You can see a bunch of the best ones and get some juicy free templates here: The Ultimate List of Free Landing Page Templates from Leadpages.

But for most people, the question isn’t “What is a squeeze page?”, it’s usually “How do I make a squeeze page that converts?”

There are 5 things that help you to create a squeeze page that converts. Let’s go over them now.

5 Ways to Create a Squeeze Page That Converts

#1.  Research and Testing for Squeeze Pages

DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. I know I talk a lot about research and testing, but it is THE MOST important part of getting profitable in a sales funnel.

Without research, you are just guessing, and without testing, you have no real idea if what you are going to do is going to work.

Researching isn’t complicated, but it does take a certain mindset and skillset, which I go over here. Once you have the research and testing phase down, you’ll be prepared to move onto step #2.

#2. Tools for Building Squeeze Pages

There are two great big issues with creating a landing page.

  1. Creating the page itself
  2. Delivering the giveaway quickly and easily

For people like me who don’t live and breathe tech, these can be daunting challenges full of uncertainty and fear. Which is why I like to use tools to do this for me.

There are a bunch of landing and squeeze page building tools out there, but the one that I use and recommend is OptimizePress. It is simple, it is easy, and it works. Another popular option is LeadPages.

LeadPages gives you proven templates that are super simple to customize and make your own and one of my favorite features is that they allow you to sort by best converting templates.

They also take care of the #2 issue brilliantly, because PDF deliverability is baked right into the platform.

Using a tool like OptimizePress or Leadpages will typically save you a lot of time and money in the long run, because there are no designers needed to get a proven squeeze page that works.

Note: The reality is you can use any other landing page builder (like ClickFunnels, Thrive, or whatever the flavor of the week is) to quickly deploy this into your business.

More important than the specific tool you use is the offer…

#3. The Offer on Your Squeeze Page

If you haven’t created your offer yet – what you give people in exchange for their email address, now is the time to do so, because you can’t write copy until after your offer is created. Again, I’ve written some in-depth info on creating the offer.

Once you have the offer created, you can then start writing your ad copy. The big tip here is to use words that your audience uses, and that you discovered in your research stage. You’ve got to speak their language.

Most of the template tools we talked about above help with this because they have each section of your landing page laid out for you already, so all you have to do is change the copy. We’ll have a more in-depth article on copy the future.

#4. Congruency from Ads to Squeeze Pages

Once you get into a tool like OptimizePress or Leadpages, one of the main questions I get is “what do I do next?”.

This is where your research and testing comes in.

You want to have your offer, your ad, and your squeeze page to perfectly match each other. It’s important that they are completely congruent.

For instance, if you have an ad that looks like this:

ad congruency example

Then your page shouldn’t look like this (because it’s not congruent enough):

landing page example bad

While BarkBox is a big successful brand, they could easily improve the congruence from ad to page by calling out the special offer in the ad – like this:

landing page example good

Do you see how there is perfect congruency from the ad to the landing page with this simple tweak? You immediately know that you are on the right page to get the sale.

Of course, the design would need to be better, but your ad, your squeeze or landing page, and your offer should always line up with each other to be congruent.

5.  The Testing (A/B Split)

One of the main rules of marketing is Always Be Testing, and A/B split tests allow you to do this the easy way.

An A/B split test allows you to send one source of traffic to your landing page and then test two different elements against each other to see what your customer responds to. So you can test:

  • Headlines (where I recommend you start)
  • Button colors
  • Body text
  • Pictures
  • And any other element on the page that you want to test

When you are starting out I recommend that you test only ONE element of the page at a time. This is very important in order to understand the results.

Creating a great squeeze page isn’t difficult if you use the right tools and do the right research.

Now… go out and get it done!

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