5 Ways to Build Relationships and Increase Sales with Email Marketing

email marketingMy buddy Jeremy is great with women.

Women hang on his every word and practically fall over themselves to go on dates with him. It’s something to watch.

Jeremy isn’t into any of that fancy pickup artist stuff or wearing crazy “peacocking” hats and he’s honestly just average looking.

So what’s his secret?

This is how he tells it…

“Brian, when I talk to a woman I give her my full attention. She becomes the center of my world for the time I am with her. I value her and I show it with my undivided attention. That makes her feel special, because she is”

Could it really be that simple?

For Jeremy it is. The results he gets with women are from following a simple principle. Make the woman he is with feel special and wanted. It just works.

Because wanting to feel special and wanted is a basic human need that every single person has.

And in marketing the same thing holds true.

When you make your prospects feel special, then they will become customers. And when you continue to make them feel special and wanted they will buy from you again.

But what’s the best way to do this?

You may be surprised when I tell you this, but the best way – in my opinion – is to talk to them through email.

Now… I can hear what you are saying already.  “OH! Brian. I HATE email. It’s obnoxious and it doesn’t work.”

If you think that, it’s OK.  More relationship building and money for me. 🙂

Seriously though. Email is the highest ROI activity you can do in your business and if you can get it right it will pay you back many, many times with fans of your brand and money in your pocket.

According to DMA email marketing returns $38 for every $1 spent.

That is a 3800% ROI (WOW!). Email can bring a huge amount of stability to your business, because once you have it working, it pretty much always, always works.

So let’s look at what makes email work (and what makes it NOT work). Here are 5 tips for awesome emails.

#1. Tell stories

This is THE foundational piece of any good email. People think and learn in stories. Take a look at how I put together this article. See how I told a story to illustrate my point before making the point?

That is all storytelling is all about.

#2. Write great subject lines

Your email isn’t going to get opened if it has a BORING subject line. But writing subject lines can be like staring at paint drying. To jump-start the process I have two techniques that I use.

1. BuzzSumo – This site is worth its weight in gold. Type in any subject or keyword and it will bring up the most viral content across the entire web. Take these as inspiration and go from there!

2. The Inside Out Technique – If you have a knack for writing stories as above, then start with the story and pull your subject line from there. It is SO much easier.

#3. Send More Frequently

I know this seems insane to a lot of people, but sending emails more frequently (at least weekly; up to 5 days a week) is going to put more money in your pocket.

But only if you keep your emails interesting, entertaining, or educational.

Boring emails burn out your list. Sending them often… not so much.

#4. Don’t be a cold fish

Emails have to be interesting to work. They have to catch people’s imaginations. Think of your favorite TV shows and how they keep the story moving.

And use the same techniques.

#5. Include a Call-to-Action

I’m not sure why, but people are really afraid to include any kind of sales message in their emails. The whole thing shouldn’t be a pitch fest. But make sure you ask your prospect to do SOMETHING in every single email.

Ask them to:

  • Buy (it works)
  • Book a phone call
  • Do a task that will get them to a goal
  • Click a Link to an article
  • Watch a Video
  • Anything else you can think of.

It works.

You’ll be glad you did.

Developing a relationship with your prospects can be tough. But email makes it easier.  Use these 5 techniques to show them you care.