AutoResponder Madness Review – Why It Works (and the One Big Downside)

Update: AutoResponder Madness 4 (ARM 4) will be released shortly (early 2020). If you invest in ARM 3.0 now you will get a free upgrade to ARM 4 as soon as it’s released. Click here to invest in AutoResponder Madness or continue reading about my personal experience with AutoResonder Madness.

When Charlie Sheen had his famous meltdown in 2011, and totally dissed Two and a Half Men, there were dire predictions that the show would soon be over.

But Chuck Lorre had a trick up his sleeve. It was a trick that great storytellers have been using since the dawn of time. He turned what could have been a disaster into one of the biggest opportunities the show ever had.

He went public with the fact that he was firing Charlie Sheen and replacing him with Ashton Kutcher. And he said that all would be revealed in the 2011 season premiere.

Lorre brilliantly used what is known as an Open Loop. And the 2011 season premiere of Two and a Half Men had a record 29 million viewers. The most any show opener had since 2005. And it wasn’t an accident. It was the masterful work of a skilled storyteller.

What does this have to do with AutoResponder Madness?

The art of storytelling isn’t limited to TV sitcoms. If you use it in your emails you will make far more money, have a rabid fanbase, and enjoy your business a whole lot more. AutoResponder Madness teaches you this art in a systematic, easy to follow format.

The money is in the list?

Marketers always hear “the money is in the list”. But there are very few people who tell you how to actually make money from your list. Most marketers use what is known as a *churn and burn* technique. They hammer their list with offers until the people on the list unsubscribe or start ignoring them. Churn and burn can work but is becoming less and less effective all the time.

Andre Chaperon (author of AutoResponder Madness) approaches communicating with your list from a very different perspective.  His training gives you the power of the great storyteller. Chuck Lorre understands this power. So does Stephen King, James Patterson, and even Stephen Hawkings. That’s why these authors sell so many books. They know how to tell a great story.

A great story is both an art and a skill, and when you know how to leverage storytelling to create compelling content you can leverage an email list in ways that the *churn and burn* people can only dream about. A list of 500 people can suddenly compete with a list of 9,000 in terms of responsiveness and the ability to generate revenue.

What’s included in Auto Responder Madness?

AutoResponder Madness is a course with 4 chapters. Each chapter has 5 to 6 “bite-sized” lessons. These lessons cover profiling your audience (the most important step in any marketing campaign) to advanced story-telling hacks. They take you step-by-step through the storytelling process and show you how to structure your email campaign in a way that nearly guarantees your results.

My favorite section is in chapter 2. This is the powerful Soap Opera Sequence section. It shows you step-by-step how to weave a compelling storyline into your email sequence. This section alone has been worth thousands tens of thousands of dollars to my business.

What if I can’t write?

I’m going to tell you a secret…

Most of the best marketers I know who write really, really well didn’t start out that way – including myself and Andre. In fact, Andre has dyslexia and is widely regarded as one of the best email writers in the world.

You don’t have to be a brilliant writer in order to create high-quality email sequences that convert. You only really need three traits.

  1. A willingness to learn.
  2. A willingness to practice.
  3. A desire to give great value to your prospects and customers.

If you have those three traits, then AutoResponder Madness will be a great fit for you.  And if you follow it, it will have the power to transform your business.

Who should buy AutoResponder Madness?

Email marketing should be the cornerstone of nearly any businesses marketing campaign. Small businesses, authors, info-marketers, and anyone else who has an audience they need to reach will benefit from AutoResponder Madness.

Are there any downsides to the Autoresponder Madness Course?

There is one downside to AutoResponder Madness. It doesn’t teach you how to build your list (get people subscribed to your autoresponder in the first place).

This can be a major obstacle if you don’t have a list when you start implementing the AutoResponder Madness lessons. That’s why I put together a special bonus just for my readers. More on that below.

AutoResponder Madness Price

At the time of this writing, the price of AutoResponder Madness (version 3.0) is $495. While it’s not cheap, it’s extremely valuable – one of the best email autoresponder courses available today. Considering that email marketing can return $44 for every $1 spent the investment in this course, in my opinion, is priceless.

Update: Autoresponder Madness Fourth Edition (ARM4) will be released in the next few months (early 2020). You can purchase Autoresponder Madness 3 now and get a free upgrade to Autoresponder Madness 4 when it’s released.

AutoResponder Madness Bonuses

As I mentioned above, while Autoresponder Madness is an excellent course showing you how to get more out of email marketing, it doesn’t really get into how you actually build an email list in the first place.

To bridge that gap, I’m offering an exclusive Autoresponder Madness bonus when you purchase AutoResponder Madness from one of the links on this page.

List Building 101 Bonus

ListBuilding 101 is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to get people subscribed to your autoresponder list. In this special report you’ll discover:

  • A secret image that boosts your sign up rate by 30% or more.
  • How to install a sign-up form on your site the quick and easy way.
  • How to write a killer headline to get people to subscribe.
  • The best “lead magnet” to grow your list and how to quickly create it.
  • How to get the traffic you need to get subscribers.

In order to claim your free copy of ListBuilding101 forward your receipt to me and I’ll get the ListBuilding101 guide out to you right away.

Where to buy AutoResponder Madness

Andre is well-known for cutting off access to his programs once he has the amount of subscribers he wants. So I don’t know how much longer AutoResponder Madness will stay open. You can currently order it here.

If the link to buy isn’t available make sure to leave a comment on the first page. By leaving a comment you’ll be notified when the course becomes available again.

Note: As mentioned above, AutoResonder Madness 4 will be coming out in the next couple of months. If you invest in Autoresponder Madness 3 today you will automatically be upgraded to ARM 4 when it’s available.

AutoResponder Madness is the course that top marketers use to boost their email response rate and make far more money from their lists. I highly recommend you invest in it and implement it right away.