How I avoid bright shiny object syndrome ?

how to avoid bright shiny object syndrome

Since today is Friday (original email date), I want to share with you two things I do every Friday which helps me avoid something I think all of us entrepreneurs have in common… …getting distracted by “bright shiny object syndrome“.When it comes to being productive and running my online business, I pretty much stick to a very rigid schedule on Monday through Thursday.

But Friday’s are a little bit different…

On Friday’s I switch gears and primarily do research (with a little bit of planning).

I talk about this in more detail in my Six-Figure System™ eCoaching program, but I want to introduce the idea of setting a specific day or time each week to research NEW ideas to build and grow your business.

Ideas such as:

  • New ways to build your email list
  • New ways to drive traffic to your website
  • New ways to create revenue streams for your business

Example: Years ago before Facebook even existed (can you imagine that?) one of the primary ways I drove traffic to my website was through the social media website, MySpace.

Imagine if I only focused all my time promoting on MySpace and never took time in my schedule to research emerging new opportunities like Facebook?

Now today, MySpace is pretty much nonexistent and Facebook is one of the primary sources of traffic for my business. So I always set aside time to research new opportunities to build my list, drive traffic to my website, and create new income streams in my business.

By not constantly getting distracted by new opportunities during the week and setting aside one day a week to research, I’m able to stay extremely productive during the week and focus on the tasks at hand.


When it comes to investing in new opportunities (such as online courses, software programs, etc.) I always wait until Friday to research them and make a buying decision.

Example: When I get emails for the latest and greatest “offer of the week”, I put the ones that have my interest into a folder, and don’t check them out more closely until FRIDAY.

I don’t act on them now as they cry out for me and try to distract me from my day-to-day activities – I deal with them when it’s convenient to MY schedule, not theirs.

Side Note: This is one of the reasons why when I launch a new product (like the Six-Figure System™) I don’t close down the offer during the middle of the week contrary to what many online marketing experts would suggest.

I know most people are busy working a job or running their business and sometimes need to take time over the weekend to investigate, evaluate, and potentially act on a new offer if it makes sense for their business.

By setting aside a specific day to look at new offers and make a buying decision I’m able to avoid “bright shiny object syndrome” and give the new offers a “cool down” period to see if it’s something that really makes sense for my business or if I’m just getting caught up in the excitement of the offer.

If you like these two tips of how I approach things then I think you’re going to love my productivity and time management program specifically for online business owners, Six-Figure System™ where I share the inner workings of how I run a successful online business from home working just three hours a day.

As a self-proclaimed “information junkie”, these two tips have been two of the biggest game changers in how I’m able to run my business and be ultra-productive.




Brian T. Edmondson
Founder, Internet Income Coach™