How to Grow Your Online Business with a $120 Cheesesteak?

$120 Cheesesteak

What a $120 Cheesesteak Can Teach Online Marketers about Selling High-Ticket Programs… A line wraps around the landmark Geno’s and Pat’s buildings while people order cheesesteaks with “whiz” or “no whiz” (that’s a type of cheese for you non-Philly folks). And the lines for these walk-up windows are sometimes up to 20 minutes long – …

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A New Way to Create and Sell High-Ticket Online Courses

Micro Coaching Course

Online Courses Are Dead! Read on to discover a new way to create and sell highly valuable high-ticket ‘Virtual Coaching Courses’ your prospects will line up to buy… The “Signature Program” being offered included 50 videos, over 100 hours of content, and dozens of worksheets and checklists. It was enough to make my head spin. …

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The Elon Musk Way of Persevering in the Face of Adversity

Elon Musk

This column was originally published on on May 25, 2018 His successes are ballyhooed around the world but so are his spectacular failures. Neither defines him near as much as his relentless unstoppability. His mother described her son thus: “He goes into his brain, and then you just see he is in another world. He still does that. …

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Model Yourself After Prince — Introverted, Talented, Hard-Working and Giving — for the Best in Business and Life

This column was originally published on on May 3, 2016 Jamming out to Purple Rain on my Sony Walkman and sneaking my older brothers cassettes so he didn’t notice — THAT was a perfect afternoon when I was a kid. I’ll never forget how absolutely fascinating Prince was to me. And he still holds a bit of that childhood fascination even …

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5 Ways to Turn Your Passions Into Profits Online

passion into profits online

This column was originally published on on May 4, 2018 My back porch fell down. And I don’t mean a little. It completely collapsed. It happened during one of our Pennsylvania winter nor’easters. These are brutal storms that sweep down along the coast and drop between 6 and 36 inches of snow in a …

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5 Steps to a High Converting Squeeze Page

High Converting Squeeze Page

In this article you’ll discover five steps to a high converting squeeze page, but first a quick story… Walking up to Bailey’s house is a wonderful experience. Her lawn is mown perfectly and her gardening always has the perfect mix of seasonal flowers and beautiful pathways. They invite you in without saying a word. You …

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