How to be an American Ninja Warrior in Business


Have you ever watched American Ninja Warrior? The men and women that compete in that show are INTENSE. Before the show, they often build homemade American Ninja Warrior style courses to practice on, they hire trainers, and they learn how to do the craziest obstacles — we’re talking lifting your own body weight up a …

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How I avoid bright shiny object syndrome ?

bright shiny object syndrome

Since today is Friday (original email date), I want to share with you two things I do every Friday which helps me avoid something I think all of us entrepreneurs have in common… …getting distracted by “bright shiny object syndrome“.When it comes to being productive and running my online business, I pretty much stick to a very rigid schedule on …

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5 Ways to Work Less and Profit More

online productivity

Mark and Diane were so excited! They just bought a house, or at least what was going to become a house. They bought the land, painstakingly decided on blueprints and plans, and signed all the paperwork with a deep breath and a lot of anticipation. Now they were ready for the house to go up! …

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