Creating Killer Webinars: 5 Questions You Must Answer Before Going Live

That day, I was so nervous. I felt hot and sweaty and almost threw up.

The first time I did coaching via teleseminar (kind of the precursor to webinars), I was scared to death.  I was filling in for one of my mentors and of course the biggest fear was someone would ask a question that I wouldn’t be able to answer. I didn’t want to look stupid.

And even though I had these fears I did the teleseminar anyway.

And then the strangest thing happened. I realized how easy it is to use teleseminars and (then later on) webinars to build a business. They give you this tremendous leverage that you will never get with one on one contact and coaching with customers.

A giant lightbulb went off in my head that day. And from there things started taking off. I started using teleseminars and webinars to rake in cash. It took a bit of learning, but I was amazed at how easy it was after I did one.

Using webinars create explosive growth in your business too. There are lots of options of how to use this technology.

  • You can run high ticket group coaching programs (like I have for myself and for other big name gurus).
  • You can leverage webinars into major cash driving events.
  • You can use them to incrementally create full-fledged products.
  • And many more.

All you have to do is do it. Business only happens when you execute!

If you want to use webinars in your business then I have five questions to get you started.

How you are going to use the webinar?

There are many ways that you can use the power of a webinar to build your business. If you are just starting out you can direct people to register for a webinar and then go over your product idea and get real live feedback from your  potential customers.

If you have a product that is working, a webinar is a great pitch tool. Just make sure that you deliver solid content along with the pitch. Nobody likes to be sold to. You want to use the webinar to LEAD them to the purchase. Not ram the purchase down their throats.

Or perhaps you need to create a product. You can sell the product BEFORE you make it, and deliver it via webinar. By selling the product before you actually deliver it, you are able to tailor it specifically to your market first. There is no better proof that someone wants something than the fact that they bought it.

You can also create a $97/$197/$297 a month coaching program, where you deliver the content via live webinar. Coaching programs like this give you a tremendous amount of leverage. They allow your business to be super profitable, while delivering content you really believe in to a receptive audience.

Many business owners use all of these strategies at different stages of their business to boost profits.

What you are going to say?

When it comes to doing a webinar it pays to be prepared.

Webinars have a visual component and the people attending will be able to see your screen. Many people prepare slides in a PowerPoint / Keynote format ahead of time, and then have notes to go with those slides.

I’ve also seen very effective presentations from an outline on a Word document. Sometimes the presenter will draw pictures with a drawing program to explain the concepts as you go along, like Ink2go.

Another option is to do a “show and tell” teaching webinar. This type of webinar lets you show people exactly what you are doing on your screen and works very well for technical instruction.

How are you going to get people to go to the webinar?

If you don’t have a list yet, and are just starting out, it may feel overwhelming getting people to a webinar.

There are several ways to do this. You can partner with other marketers and give them a commission of your sales. You can advertise. You can build a list and then promote the webinar to your list. Don’t worry if you only have 6 people at your first event. You are getting practice at the skills you need for success.

If you already have a list, then you promote your webinar to your list – for the best training on the planet on how to create responsive lists go here.

Prerecorded or live?

You can actually do webinars that look like “live” webinars, but are pre-recorded. This is a great option for the automation of your business.  There are several different solutions out there that can do this.  The one that I personally use and recommend to create automated webinars is Evergreen Business System.  I think it’s very easy to use and extremely affordable compared to the other alternatives that are out there.

If you do go the prerecorded route, I recommend that you still do the first webinar live and record it.  The energy level will be much higher and you’ll be able to carry over that “live” feeling to the recorded version.

What service will you use?

I’ve already talked about the services available for recorded webinars. If you want to do live webinar’s instead of recorded ones, for live coaching or training for instance, then you will want to take a look at GoToWebinar.

GoToWebinar is extremely easy to use and present webinars with, and it has a feature that I love. It automatically sends out emails at predefined intervals to remind people of their webinars. This dramatically increases attendance rates at your event.  They also have great followup functionality as well.

Using webinars as a leverage tool in your business, is a smart move. They can make you a lot of money and they are a lot of fun to do (after you get over the initial fear).

4 thoughts on “Creating Killer Webinars: 5 Questions You Must Answer Before Going Live”

  1. Hey Brian!
    GREAT advice! I hope it’s ok if I share this article with the DirectionsU Bachelor Students (my coaching clients). I’ve been pushing all of them to do webinars lately and you’re advice is exactly what I tell them — just DO IT!

    One thing you might want to add… I’ve always recommended using GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting to get started. But, many of my coaching students just can’t swing the fees for GTW or GTM. So, I’m not telling them to not let that stand in their way either… Get started using Google+ Hangouts that are YouTube Livestream webinars. It is SO easy and FREE!

    To show them how it works, I’m even doing a 1 1/2 day workshop on Saturday, March 9th and Sunday, March 10th. It will walk them through step-by-step using Google+ Hangouts, YouTube, and other vehicles for doing webinars and other forms of video marketing. I’d love to have you join me to teach the module on list building! Let me know if you’re available!

    Thanks again for the great article!


    • Gina,

      Absolutely feel free to share this with your group if you think they’ll get value out of it!

      I’d be happy to discuss the ins and outs of listbuilding with your group, send me details of the event.


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