Does Survey Junkie Really Work?

Since I’ve started writing about picking up extra cash doing online surveys, people want to know exactly which companies are legit and which ones are scams. Today, I’m going to cover Survey Junkie in-depth and answer the question, “Does Survey Junkie Really Work?

Updated September 2022: Stop wasting your time with non-legitimate survey scams: this is my number one rated legitimate survey company.

I also have an in-depth article comparing different survey companies here. It’s usually a good idea to join several of these companies if you want to maximize your earning potential.

What’s In This Survey Junkie Review

Survey Junkie Review

In this review, I’ll be going over several areas:

  1. Showing you if the company Survey Junkie is legit or a scam.
  2. Going over how much money you can make with Survey Junkie.
  3. Showing you how Survey Junkie pays out.
  4. Giving you REAL reviews from people who have used Survey Junkie.

Is Survey Junkie Legit or a Scam?

Survey Junkie Rewards

Survey Junkie is a legitimate company that offers opportunities to take surveys in exchange for points. This is called market research. Companies have been doing market research for ages, and it has value.

The company has been around since 2013 and has a well-established reputation in the “taking surveys online” space.

Sometimes people think they are a scam because you aren’t going to get rich taking surveys. Surveys are a great way to earn some extra cash with downtime, but they will never replace a full-time income.

How Do You Join Survey Junkie?

Join Survey Junkie

Joining Survey Junkie is easy. You just go to their website and click the “join now” button on the front page of the site and fill in your details.

You can sign up with Google, Facebook, or use your email address and the process is FAST. You will also need to provide your gender, date of birth, zip code, and a password.

You do get a Survey Junkie bonus for signing up as well. Right now, it’s 25 points. If you complete an additional profile you will get another 50 points.

Survey Junkie Bonus Points

Most survey companies give you cash or points just for signing up, Survey Junkie actually has several different bonuses that you can earn right away. These include:

  • 25 points for signing up.
  • 50 points for completing your profile.
  • 25 points for confirming your email.
  • 5 points for taking a “how it works” tour.
  • 10 points for taking your profile survey.

Can You Make Money From Survey Junkie?

Yes. You can make money from Survey Junkie, but you aren’t likely to replace a full-time income.

Most survey sites are legit (see my full list of legit survey sites here), but they can also take a long time to get a payout and they are good for EXTRA money.

Select surveys can earn you up to $75 a pop. But surveys range from $2 to $75 and everywhere in between.

How Does Survey Junkie Pay You?

How does Survey Junkie pay you?

When you participate in a Survey Junkie survey, they give you points. These points are redeemable for gift cards or payouts via Paypal. You must earn 1000 points to get to your first redemption.

The threshold to get a payout is $10.

How Do You Find Out About The Surveys?

Once you sign up, Survey Junkie will send you emails to notify you of surveys that you might qualify for. The emails tell you how many points a survey is worth as well as how long the survey is expected to take.

It’s a good idea to make sure the email address is in your address book. You want to respond to surveys quickly, because they can and do fill up.

What Makes Survey Junkie Unique?

One of the nice things about Survey Junkie is that you can earn points for surveys you don’t qualify for. This is unusual in survey companies, but it’s important.

Often you have to fill out demographic questions in order to take a survey, and its nice to get some points even if you don’t qualify with those questions because filling them out takes time.

What People Are Saying About Survey Junkie

Helpful Staff

I love Survey Junkie they have tons of surveys and a very friendly and helpful staff it’s the best survey site i’ve seen so far so give it a shot you won’t be sorry

Red Collins

Relevant Surveys

Survey Junkie has a lot of surveys that are relevant to my experiences.


Good Support

Support was extremely courteous and helpful resolving a problem with my account. Now I can redeem my points almost instantly via PayPal.

Michael Nelson

Survey Junkie Video Review

This is a review from a user that has used the Survey Junkie site for 2 years. She shows you payouts and how to use surveys to generate “fun money.”

The Bottom Line on Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a legitimate survey site that pays you out cold hard cash in through PayPal. You can also opt to get paid in gift certificates.

Market Research companies like Survey Junkie are a great way to earn EXTRA cash. They won’t replace your income.

Click here to sign up with Survey Junkie and start earning cash today.

Top Survey Sites I’ve Personally Vetted

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  2. PineCone Research
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  5. Survey Junkie
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