By Brian Edmondson

Title sounds a little hyped up I know… but watch this video that shows you how to claim your Google Authorship in under 10 minutes.

I believe that Google Authorship will be a huge factor in search in the year ahead and can significantly improve the amount of free traffic you get from there search engines.

The steps and links referenced below for your convenience.  If you find value from this video please share with others who you think will benefit.

Step 1:  Create a Google/ Gmail Account if you don’t already have one, then add a Google Plus account:

Step 2:  Add your profile picture to your Google Plus account

(this is what’s used to display your photo in the search results)

Step 3:  Link your Google+ profile to your website:

(be sure to click the confirmation link in the email you receive)

Step 4:  Add the Google Authorship language to your WordPress website using a Google Author related plugin.

There are plenty out there; the run I currently use is Google Author Link by HelpForWP

Step 5:  Verify that you set everything up correctly by using the Structured Data Testing Tool:

Congrats, you’re all set!

Brian T. Edmondson
Brian T. Edmondson

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