Micro Coaching Course™

Module #3: Convert

From: Brian T. Edmondson and Pete Genot
Company: Internet Income Coach
RE: Micro Coaching Course™ Module #3

Welcome to Module #3 of the Micro Coaching Course™ program.

Below you'll find the curriculum materials for this week.

In this module, we'll get your sales funnel setup and ready to take orders. The main focus will be writing the "right" kind of sales letter to convert visitors into paying customers (without being sleazy or hypey).

Don't let this overwhelm you... as always not only will we provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions... we'll also provide you with a ready-made template that you can adjust to your specific Micro Coaching Course™.

If you have any trouble downloading the materials... don't panic! You can always contact us directly and we'll be glad to assist you.

When it comes time to do this week's homework assignment be sure to use your private dedicated coaching email address: internetincomecoaching+mcc@gmail.com.

Don't forget to email us with your homework assignments and any questions you have related to this week's content and stay tuned for next week's Module #4.


Brian T. Edmondson and Pete Genot