PaperTemplate Interview with Robert Plank

I recently had a chance to sit down and chat with Robert Plank, who created an awesome new WordPress plugin called PaperTemplate.

Most online marketers know the importance of using dedicated landing pages, squeeze pages, and sales pages in their marketing funnels.  The only problem, especially for those who use WordPress (and who doesn’t these days?), is creating a simple squeeze page or sales page outside of the regular website theme.

Of course, there are very good solutions out there that can turn entire WordPress sites into a comprehensive  sales funnel; including squeeze pages, sales pages, and even membership sites… but what about just creating a deploying a simple squeeze page or sale letter on the fly?

That’s where PaperTemplate comes in and fills in that void.  What I really like is how fast, simple, and easy it is to use to create these pages on the fly; and most important – without messing up the rest of my regular website.

Listen in to this awesome podcast where Robert not only shares the benefits of using PaperTemplate, but also shares some secrets of creating simple squeeze and sales pages that will not only convert for you today, but for years to come.

Resources from this call:

Paper Template by Robert Plank

Enjoy the call!