The Most Powerful Tool to Build Your Business Online

Sumo Tools

Samantha and Mark LOVE to get deals.

When they shop for clothes they always head to the clearance racks first and when they shop for groceries they usually have a handful of coupons because they love to save money.

Samantha and Mark are what we call a frugal couple.

Frugality is sometimes a lost art in modern culture. But it is a super important skill — especially if you are a business owner. You’ve got to make every dollar you have go as far as possible in order to make it in the world of business.

One of my favorite tools for being frugal in business is the Sumo suite of tools.

They all start out free… And then you only pay for them as your usage and needs go up. And you get A LOT of bang for your buck. I use Sumo in my niche businesses and I recommend it to most of my clients. It just works.

Sumo Tools are all designed to help you grow your website and create a more profitable and stable business by building your list much, much more easily.

Here are my four favorite tools (out of many) that Sumo offers:

1. List Builder

One of the best ways to start getting solid ROI in your business is to nurture people through an email list. But how do you get people onto that list in the first place?

You use forms that are in the right place at the right time on your website. But most business owners are not web designers or coders, so it’s important that the forms you use are easy to install and look great!

With Sumo Tools you can install beautiful popups, embedded forms, and forms that pop up when you click on a button. The Sumo team has designs that are proven to convert, so you just have to add your copy and pictures and you can get started with just a couple of clicks.

2. Welcome Mat

Have you ever seen those email opt-in forms that slide down from the top of the page after the page loads?

These are called Welcome Mats and they can be extremely effective at getting people to sign up to your list.

Sumo tools have 5 different versions of Welcome Mats available and you can even use a video background.

And Sumo is SMART! You can show different Welcome Mats to different visitors, depending on where they come from.

Want to give a specific message to Facebook® traffic and another to Twitter® traffic? No problem. Sumo makes it easy.

3. Share

My favorite kind of traffic is free (of course). And to get free traffic you need to be able to be able to have social share buttons on your website that are both beautiful and make sense.

Sumo Tools has you covered here as well. With beautiful share buttons that are easy to configure, easy to install, and easy for a visitor to click on.

My favorite is this sticky bar on the side that stays with people as they scroll down your web page.

4. Smart Bar

I saved the best for last, as this might be my favorite tool in the Sumo Suite.

This is great, especially for mobile traffic. It creates “smart bars” that float at the top or bottom of your website and can have an opt-in form or a call to action button.

Smart Bars can be used in a variety of ways to increase conversions. One of my favorites is to announce a sale to your visitors.

In addition to all of these great features, Sumo Tools has built-in A/B testing. This means that you can test different forms and elements against each other to see what gets the best results.

Sometimes this can be super surprising.

Also, all of Sumo’s tools are 100% mobile responsive. Since 40% to 80% of website traffic (depending on your industry) is now mobile having tools that look GREAT on mobile is super important.

Finally, Sumo tools are lightweight – they won’t slow your site speed down. People don’t have the patience for slow sites and fast sites convert better.

Sumo has an AMAZING set of tools that can help you grow your highest ROI asset – your email list.

And the great news is you can get started with a FREE Sumo plan and start using these powerful list building tools less than 10 minutes.