How To Start Your Own High-Ticket Coaching Program In Seven Days Or Less

(Without Speaking To Anyone On The Phone Or Using Skype If You Don’t Want To)

Even If You Have Never Coached Anyone In Your Life

If you've thought about coaching before but hesitated because you don't have any experience, products or you don't think you're an expert or if you're already doing coaching and getting tired of trading time for money...

......then you've been coming at it from the WRONG angle!

I thought EXACTLY the same thing until I discovered a way I could do it in my own way.

I'm sharing that exact information inside.

The Truth About Coaching

The truth is you can't fully help your audience in the way that some of them will need it if you don't offer access to you personally through some form of coaching.

Plus - let me be completely honest - adding coaching to your business will MASSIVELY increase your income.

I'm talking tens of thousands (even hundreds and thousands of dollars) dropping into your account on a regular basis!

And I'm about to show you exactly how to do it in a way that keeps you WELL INSIDE your comfort zone.

You really DON'T have to become an expert, build a big list or have a portfolio of products under your belt before you can start coaching.

Because that's NOT what coaching is about.

If you've been told that coaching involves some high and mighty guru holding court on Skype while a trembling newbie takes notes of his every word

Then you've been given the wrong information!

Because THAT'S not what coaching is about either. 

It's not your fault - the 'myth of what coaching is' has been repeated over and over for so long that most people are confused and think it's something they can't do.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Coaching is NOT about sitting down and telling someone what to do.  

It's about finding the right solutions for any person or business using certain simple strategies.. I'll show you exactly how to do this AND the exact strategies I use. 

It's easy, fun, rewarding and VERY profitable.

I Didn't Enjoy Coaching Until I Started Using The Method I'm Going To Share With You

I hated telling people what to do, even though that's what I thought they wanted (although actually they didn't).

So when I stopped telling and started to work with my clients in the simple way I'm going to share with you... results got better, I was happier and my income from coaching went through the roof!

It's also the reason that my coaching sells out in a matter of days whenever I open it.

The thing I regret most about offering coaching to my readers is that I didn't do it sooner.

What You WON'T Have To Do:

You won't have to do anything you're too uncomfortable  with, compromise your morals in any way or pretend to be something you're not, although obviously you will have to put some work in.

I'll show you how to structure your coaching so you can remove any aspect that makes you too nervous or doesn't sit right with you in any way.

In short - it'll be YOUR coaching. Unique to you and designed by you.

Sure you might want to push the boundaries a little at some point, but that's up to you - it's YOUR business.

No More Struggling For High-Ticket Product Ideas

My coaching system will work in any niche and for any business. Your coaching offer can sit at the top of your funnel as your highest-priced service with very little preparation.

It's a way of getting those three, four and even five figure lump sums that you've always needed.

It's nothing complicated or convoluted either - it's a simple, common-sense approach to helping your clients, but one that 90% of the coaches out there just DON'T USE because they're too busy focusing on charging the highest possible price and venting their opinions.

I'll also show you how ONE coaching method can fit around everything else you do in your business while at the same time providing that 'instant' high-ticket payday you've been looking for.

(Yes I keep mentioning the money is good but surely that's a big part of why anyone coaches, right?)

There's no need to create a product - with my system you just price your coaching depending on what you want to do and on the access your client gets to you.

And best of all is you don't need to create any sort of coaching program or schedule up-front.


Quick Coaching Cash™

How to Start Your Own High-Ticket Coaching Program in Seven Days or Less

quick coaching cash cover 2

Here Are Just Some Of The Things You'll Discover:

  • Exactly what your clients want from you and it's NOT what you think! (Page 4)
  • Why you are already qualified to coach (Page 6)
  • The one simple thing that can motivate ALL your clients (Page 6)
  • A $1500 example of one of my early coaching jobs you can replicate (Page 8)
  • The stupidly simple secret that your clients think is AMAZING! (Page 10)
  • What you're going to offer (Page 11)
  • My coaching models (Page 12)
  • How I price my coaching - real examples (Page 13)
  • $130,000 quick coaching case-study (Page 14)
  • My personal coaching pricing structure (Page 15)
  • Some technology you can use - or you can keep it simple (Page 17)
  • My personal favorite model of coaching (Page 17)
  • Inside tip about email coaching (Page 18)
  • The nuts and bolts - HOW to offer your coaching (Page 19)
  • Example of one of my coaching sales pages (Page 20)
  • My BIG SECRET about how to structure your offer that never fails (Page 20)
  • My sales page for clients looking for short-term consults (fast cash) (Page 22)
  • After they've paid you - I share my pages that show the next steps (Page 24)
  • The 'Magic Document' that makes coaching so much easier (Page 25)
  • My secret to NOT teaching but to being a great coach (Page 28)
  • The Three-Step-Plan that is really all coaching is about! (Page 29)
  • The key things you MUST ask your clients to keep them delighted (Page 30)
  • The BIG SECRET to client retention. This is a MUST (Page 32)
  • The coaching secret that no one tells you, but you need to know (Page 33)
  • The one thing you should NEVER, EVER do (Page 34)
  • The one request from your client that you must refuse (Page 37)
  • The EASIEST way to start coaching (PAGE 39)
  • How to TOTALLY WOW your clients (Page 41)
  • My coaching checklist (Page 43)
  • My 11-word BEST advice EVER about coaching (Page 44)
  • And much, much more...
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What Exactly Do You Get?

You get this no-fluff 48-page PDF publication that shares everything about how ANYONE can earn high-ticket fees as a coach regardless of experience, products or knowledge.

 ...and be worth EVERY PENNY to their delighted clients.

You can start using these strategies immediately, whether you have any done any coaching before or not.

I can almost guarantee that when you begin to offer coaching as part of your business your income will double or treble in a VERY short time.

You get the exact strategies of how I've done this in the past and how YOU can start doing this today!

You get simplicity - All these strategies are workable regardless of what level you're at, but they are immensely profitable too.

You get actual examples as well - This isn't just theory.

I've been successfully developing these strategies for years and have earned consistently from my coaching.

But more importantly they show EXACTLY how you can offer coaching in a way that suits YOU and makes you happy and comfortable.

Why Am I Making This Available?

Quite simply because this is some of the most effective information I've ever shared and if I'm honest, because I have a blessed life and want to give something back...

(and let's be honest - if I provide you with information you can't get anywhere else you'll come back for more, right?)

There are some things that are hidden in plain sight but if you don't spot them for yourself you're not going to make much progress no matter WHAT you do.

So this is my way of giving you a shove up the ladder, in the way people have helped me in the past.

Let me spotlight what works, for YOU.

Let me show you how you can include coaching into your business on your OWN TERMS...

Is It Finally Time To Start Changing Things For Yourself?

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty...

I'm an internet marketer and I make money by teaching others the skills I have acquired over the years - in this case the specific skills to create your own coaching offer, and to become as financially self-sufficient as you wish.

I can't guarantee you'll succeed with these methods because I can't make you do the work that's required - I'm not your mum - but I can promise you that by the end of this report you WILL have something concrete to act on, if you choose.

I can hand that to you, starting in about 2 minutes if you wish.

The choice is yours.

See you on the inside...

To your online success!


Brian T. Edmondson
Founder, Internet Income Coach™

P.S. Simple changes can make the biggest differences to your online business. You just need someone to show you WHAT to change. That's what I'm offering here today.

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