The Missing Link to Massive Online Business Success

How I begged, borrowed, and stole (well maybe not stole) my way out of desperation and into major success…

Note: This is part 4 of a 4 part series.

Every day, for the first few years that I left the Great Corporate Machine I would make money. Some money….

I was selling entry level $27 info products and small change subscriptions type programs.

It was USUALLY just enough to pay my bills and give me some extra cash.

But often enough… I was in pure panic mode. Because I had no idea how I was going to make enough money to cover rent/utilities/internet/food…

I felt a huge knot in my stomach that just wasn’t going away. I knew that if I couldn’t make enough sales every single day, that my business would go under.

But… I had been watching as some of my marketing acquaintances went from earning a living to creating a dream life with their info products.

They were able to work from beaches in Spain, cabins in the Great Smoky Mountains in the US, and take extended “work-ations”– traveling the world while they ran their businesses from their laptops– truly living the “laptop lifestyle”.

where do you want to work today?

The green-eyed monster bit me. I was jealous. So very, very jealous.

It turns out that I was still following a rather mediocre business model but THEY had discovered another piece of the puzzle. A piece I was (apparently) still missing.

And here’s the thing. I KNOW these people. They’re great, but they’re not any smarter than I am.

(this is key… most successful business people aren’t geniuses. They’re just like everyone else – but with better systems)

They just were doing something I wasn’t, and it was showing in their amazing, jealousy-inducing results.

So, I set on a mission: to find out EXACTLY what these folks were doing to get such spectacular results. Because I was determined that those results would be mine too.

And boy did that mission pay off…

I started seeing the MASSIVE power of leverage in my business.

Everything went so much easier.

I started making way more money. Because suddenly I was getting $497 a sale instead of $27.

And my customers started ordering more repeat things from me. A lot more.

It was VERY exciting.

And I wondered if I could make it into a duplicatable system that would work for ANYBODY who applied it.

I took every gold nugget from my friends that I could beg or borrow and spent a lot of money to learn from “the best” – all the while implementing as I went.

What I ended up with was a kind of “hybrid model”. With a piece from here and a piece from there all mashed together.

The crazy thing (at least to me) is that it didn’t turn into Frankenstein’s monster…

This crazy hybrid turned into a business model that lets ordinary people create laser targeted and easy to create courses that deliver huge amounts of value and they can charge a premium for.

These are “Virtual Coaching Courses” and they are the PERFECT way for coaches, consultants, knowledge experts, and internet entrepreneurs to make BANK.

The results really SHOCKED me – even on the very first one.

I saw higher customer value IMMEDIATELY! And, it really was just as easy to get a customer.

It’s completely changed the way I look at business – and it’s DUPLICATABLE.

That’s when I KNEW I had to put this together as a system – and I had to share it!

I don’t want anyone else to have to go through all the ups and downs and ups and downs (you get the picture) that I had to go through.

So, you get a short-cut…

In a moment… I’m going to show you how to use a Virtual Coaching Course to put all of this “leverage” stuff together.

Tied up with a bow in a neat little package.

Listen to me carefully…

If you want to put some high-octane fuel in your internet business and see significant increases in your sales, you simply must develop “premium” offers to sell for big chunks of profit per sale.

Remember… it’s much easier to find 10 customers to pay you $1,000 than it is to find 1,000 customers to pay you $10.00.

That’s a fact!

Anyone with any business sense at all can tell you that. You won’t find any successful internet marketer who would argue against that statement.

And it’s not just me. Virtually anyone who has been hugely successful in the information products business has “premium” offers.

What about you? Want to add these big-money producers to your business?

What I’ve found is that the Virtual Coaching Course Model is the very best way to structure and sell a premium offer.

In the next post, I’ll tell you about my favorite way to structure a Virtual Coaching Course and walk you step-by-step through how you can 10X your revenues with this simple business model.