Word Agents Review

I’ve worked with a lot of writing agencies over the years, but in this Word Agents review, I’m going to tell you more about one of my personal favorites.

What Is Word Agents?

Word Agents is a content writing agency that focuses on producing web content to your specifications. For most clients, this includes things like how-to articles, blog content, white papers, advertising, and other written content.

This, by itself, is not what distinguishes Word Agents. Content production is a pretty big business, with customers ordering millions of words per day across all the different agencies. However, even among a crowded field, Word Agents stands out as a premium provider.

Company History

Word Agents is one of the older content agencies on the internet, starting in 2008 and growing alongside the modern internet. Today, their website notes that they have over 500 writers from North America and 100,000 successful products totaling over 77 million words total.

That’s not the largest amount among any writing agency, but it’s more than enough to demonstrate their overall expertise for this Word Agents review.

How Well Does Their Content Do?

Content performance varies based on various factors, including your general search engine optimization, existing presence on the web, and familiarity with search algorithms. However, few things impact performance more than the actual content, and this is where Word Agents really shines.

I have, personally, seen articles I ordered from Word Agents get onto the front page of Google within days. More than that, some of those articles are earning me over $100 per day each. That is better performance than I’ve seen from many other companies, and when success is the metric that matters, they’re easily worth their cost.

How Does Word Agents Work?

Word Agents has a similar structure to most content writing agencies. I make an order, they pick a writer, and the content gets back to me in about a week. Bigger orders can take longer, but Word Agents may assign several writers to take care of bigger orders, and you can tell the difference by looking at the overall tone and style of each article.

What sets Word Agents apart is their robust editorial process. Most actual communication goes through someone on their customer service team, and they pass all of their writing through experienced editors before sending it back. That’s quite different from some other services, which may have the writer’s content go directly to the customer with no quality check.

They also run every article through grammar and plagiarism checks to help ensure both quality and originality, which is a nice touch.

Word Agents does not put minimums or maximums on word counts. Instead, you’re essentially buying “credits” that you can apply towards the content or additional services as you choose.

What Are They Best At?

Word Agents specializes in written web content, which means articles, SEO, blog posts, permanent website content, eCommerce, and so on. Essentially, anything you’d expect to read when you visit a website online.

Further, they have a pretty high number of writers on-staff, which is part of why they can produce so much content on-demand. This writer pool is big enough that I could ask them if they have anyone who can handle highly specialized assignments, like technical writing.

Which Industries Do They Work With?

Word Agents focuses on four primary categories for clients. If you’re outside these areas, they may still be able to help, but you should talk to their customer service staff first. Here are the categories as they define them:

  • Publishers: Publishers are businesses looking for SEO content like blog posts and how-to guides. In other words, regular customers who intend to directly use the content they order. I mainly fall into this category myself, and I’m extremely satisfied with the content I’ve gotten.
  • Agencies: Agencies are third-party companies that act as intermediaries between clients and content producers. As middlemen, getting content on time is essential for maintaining contracts, so the predictable delivery Word Agents offers (more on that below) is a key feature.
  • eCommerce: eCommerce content is similar to content for publishers, but it focuses more on direct product and sales copy. As experienced buyers know, this is quite different from regular organic content, so it’s split into a separate focus.
  • Local SMEs: Finally, Word Agents produces content for local businesses. This includes geo-targeted material tailored to both company and industry, and it’s something many other publishers aren’t quite as good at.

Turnaround Time

No Word Agents review is complete without considering their delivery times. They offer a 7-day delivery period for most content, which means orders up to 20,000 words or so. That’s enough time to assign the content, get it through the editing process, complete revisions, and deliver it online.

Delivery times start to get longer if you order more than their Platinum level, though, and that’s no surprise. Having too many writers can lead to inconsistencies in tone on your site, and each writer can only produce so much at a time. Unsurprisingly, orders of millions of words could take weeks or even months to complete, but that’s true no matter who you order from.

Small orders may get done faster, although this can vary somewhat depending on orders from other clients. Realistically, you could get small orders in as little as 48 hours.

In short, I think their turnaround time is solid for the amount of content they offer. A one-week turnaround is appropriate for any agency, and bigger orders can expect reliable delivery over time.

Pricing Models

Word Agents offers four primary tiers for pricing, as well as a custom option I’ll get to in a moment.

The regular tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) offer varying amounts of content as either one-off orders or recurring monthly assignments through them. They offer the same high-quality service at each tier, so the difference between them is mainly how much content you’re ordering.

I like this because it’s different from many other services I’ve seen. Some writing agencies only offer their best work and support if you purchase their most expensive tier, but WordAgents is essentially charging by volume alone.

There is some variation in pricing if you want to get additional SEO optimization options. These are services like Surfer SEO and Clearscope that writers can use to fine-tune content.

I don’t think these extras are necessary for all clients. Some extras focus on adding extra keywords, but if you go too far on that, sites like Google might start penalizing you. However, I like that they’re willing to use extra services on-demand.

Pricing starts at about $0.114 per word for the bronze tier, scaling down to $0.057 per word for their platinum tier, assuming you’re making a recurring order. This means that you can save quite a lot of money if you need to order in bulk.

Custom Orders

There’s one more pricing model they offer, and it’s their VIP level for bulk orders. In this context, a bulk order is two hundred thousand to two million words, which is much more than most companies order. Word Agents offers additional bulk pricing for huge orders, which is part of their incentives to order all of your content through them.

Flaws And Limits

While I like Word Agents overall, there are a few limits to keep in mind.

The first thing is that they exclusively hire American writers who speak English as their native language. This means they’re not as adept at providing content in any other language or in geographic variants of English (such as British or Australian). They can try to write in those versions of English, but I’d recommend getting a native editor to review the material.

Second, they don’t allow any direct communication with the writer other than the instructions you provide. This may be an issue if you prefer talking to writers directly, although I think the performance of their content justifies their setup.

Finally, they focus on written content and generally don’t provide pictures or other media. While they can link to YouTube videos and similar content, don’t expect custom photography.

Final Thoughts

I rate Word Agents 5/5 because of their outstanding customer service, fast delivery, and the overall performance of their content. That last bit is the most important factor. I’d be willing to forgive a lot of problems for content that performs this well, but Word Agents delivers great content and a great experience at a fair and straightforward price.